The Ravenloft Chronicles

This is the online component for a heavily expanded and extended campaign of several Ravenloft-setting modules, all reworked and adjusted for use in the Pathfinder system, 2nd edition.

This website is primarily designed to function as supplementary knowledge base for the players involved to interact with as a supplement to the game itself. However, it will also serve as a log of their progress throughout the lengthy campaign. Anyone else interested in running a Ravenloft-themed campaign can also find inspiration here to modify their own campaigns for optimal performance.


Currently, there are two main campaigns planned:

  • The first campaign is narratively based on a number of modules originally published for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition.
  • The second campaign is a massive expansion of the Curse of Strahd module, published for Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition, as well as its many earlier iterations in most every edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Rather than using a Dungeons & Dragons system, both of these campaigns will be run using the Pathfinder, Second Edition system.


Both campaigns will make extremely heavy use of background lore from innumerable Dungeons & Dragons products (especially those in the Ravenloft campaign setting). In addition, however, much of this campaign's content (and mechanics) is/are either original in nature, or otherwise comes from a number of fan-generated theories, ideas, and mechanics that can freely be found online in various forums, message groups, and blog posts. It will also likely include some third-party modules or other published products, such as those found on DMsGuild or elsewhere. As such campaigns often do, it will also make free use of images freely viewable on the internet. It will make every possible attempt to credit the original author and link back to their own work.

Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity to credit every single various forum/blog/Reddit post, etc. that helped inspire this campaign. However, I would be happy to credit any authors whose work has been used or otherwise influenced these campaigns.

Campaign Details

The first campaign has begun as of February 2021. It is being played in real life rather than over the internet. We are not recruiting additional players for this campaign, and we do not currently plan to record the proceedings in any way, aside from a textual writeup.

The second campaign will not be scheduled until the first has been completed. We are not recruiting additional players for that campaign either.

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