Musical Themes

The players haven't identified any connections between occurring musical themes yet.


Despite the horror setting of Ravenloft campaigns, much of the music used for these campaigns is derived from video games (mainly JRPGs). Some minor variations in the music used will not be listed.

Song Title Artist In-Game Use Link (if available)
"Times are Changing" Sam Dillard Opening Monologue YouTube
"Bonds of Sea and Flame" Yasunori Mitsuda Arabel YouTube
"Bonds of Sea and Fire" Erutan Kimura Kills YouTube
"Harmonious Apparitions (Lost Way)" Artem Bank King's Forest YouTube
"Ka Dingel" Michiko Naruke The Drow Attack YouTube
"Black Wind" Nobuo Uematsu Mists in the Forest
"Shinra Building" (from 1:25 on) Nobuo Uematsu Venrith's Theme
"Relm's Theme" TPR Harmonia YouTube
"Canvas of Dreams" Geoffrey Taucer,
prophetik music
Harmonia YouTube
"Steel Giant" Federico Dubbini Werewolf (Eye Wound) Spotify
"Beautiful Song" (Piano) Keigo Hoashi Akriel's Theme YouTube
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