Note that Pathfinder's "Elite Adjustments" and "Weak Adjustments" tables have been used liberally. Do not assume that every "In-Game Enemy" was played as-written in the Pathfinder Bestiary volumes.

Enemy Name Pathfinder Equivalent Bestiary Entry
Session 1-001 Drow Cultists Drow Fighter Bestiary, p. 136
Session 1-001 Lanistra Niraerth Drow Priestess Bestiary, p. 137
Session 1-001 Werewolf Werewolf Bestiary, p. 328-330
Session 1-001 Werewolf (Eye Wound) Werewolf Bestiary, p. 328-330
Session 1-002 Mysterious Figure ???? Bestiary, p. ????
Session 1-002 Dire Wolf ???? Bestiary, p. 334
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